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An Interactive Workshop for Music Teachers, Students & Parents

Presented by Regal Monster Productions
Are you a…

  • Music Teacher frustrated with under-prepared students?
  • Music Parent aggravated by practice time?
  • Music Student bored with practicing?

Calming the Practice Monster™ is an interactive workshop about reconnecting the Musical Team: the Student, the Parent and the Teacher, and helping them to get involved by taking time to acknowledge, and to be empowered and inspired by who they are.

Practice may make perfect, but it can also lead to frustration, stress and arguments.  In fact, it's fair to say that practice can sometimes take the fun out of making music. A common misconception is that practice is something students have to suffer through if they want to learn a musical instrument.

During each three-hour workshop, Mr. Paul (aka Paul Coates) presents inventive ways to make peace with music-learning experiences. Paul’s concepts will give you ways to create the fun so the results will come!

Paul Coates brings a wealth of experience to this one of a kind musical adventure. Virginia M. Taylor (ARCT, RMT) describes Paul as “an enigmatic, energetic and a most exciting clinician… He presents his topics with much enthusiasm, liveliness and well-placed humour."

Calming the Practice Monster™ is about taking time to honour our musical relationships by being physically, emotionally, mindfully present and by empowering each other to acknowledge that we are all worthy to explore the language of music.  Each all-ages workshop focusses on forming opportunities that encourage and embrace each person in the Musical Team, in ways that are unique to teaching and learning music. Topics include:

  • Language
  • Assumptions
  • Perceptions
  • Agreements
  • Time Management
  • Free Improvisation
  • Imagination
  • Technology
  • Fears

If you believe in the value of music and the role you play – and want to find ways of making this journey more fun and creative – then join Paul Coates (aka Mr. Paul) and The Monster in this celebration of life and music.

Explore concepts to stay
calm, cool and collected.

Register for
Calming the Practice Monster


Family Combo
$30 parent + 1 child
$10 each additional family member

Teacher Combo
$30 music teacher + 1 student

Student Combo
$30 2 students

Musical Team
$45 music teacher, student & parent

Online Registration at no additional charge!
(registration at door additional $5)


What People Are Saying About Calming the Practice Monster™

If you’d like to add your own feedback about your experience with Monster Workshops, please send it to us through our Feedback page!

"It was great to see how much the students loved it. You made them all feel special and they were all smiling when they left." (ON MYC Music Teacher)

" …love the approach all-round. Music needs to bring joy – if it doesn't, there is something very wrong with what we're doing." (ON Music Teacher)

"In the 25 years I've been teaching… I’ve never seen a collaborative workshop of this type" (AB Music Teacher)

"I applied his principles in my teaching this year and have had terrific results"  (BC Music Teacher)

"…it was the best workshop I have ever experienced on how to effectively listen and communicate with students and parents on making agreements to honour our time.  It not only applied to practicing but everything in our lives"  (BC Music Teacher)

"...inspiring and mind opening.  It gives a positive spin on something that is often negative" (Music Teacher)

"…throughly enjoyed it… have already changed some of my teaching" (Music Teacher)

"Very fun and energetic" (Music Student Parent)

"My 10 year old would enjoy this" (BC Music Student Parent)

"This was an awesome experience and makes me want to explore [practice]" (ON Music Student)

"I quit [music] and now I am encouraged to restart. Thank you." (ON Music Student)

"Mr. Paul is very joyful, energetic, clear, interesting and a great guide" (ON Music Student) 

"Over the course of this workshop I learned so many things and at the same time had so much fun." (ON Music Student)

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